We are a Membership Club that links consumers with affiliate businesses, promoting a mutually beneficial win-win-win for all parties involved.

1) For just $32.00 monthly, our membership plan offers ongoing rewards for purchases by club members. Withdraw commissions easily with Gift Cards, Zelle, PayPal, or Bank transfer. We suggest using our gift cards for affiliate store purchases, but the choice is yours.

2) Explore our portal for up to 50% discounts and instant savings with coupons. Earn rewards through referrals as members maintain ethical spending of $200 monthly.

3) Access your Virtual Office for a range of features including statistics, program insights, genealogy tree, tutorials, marketing tools, and free ebooks.

4) As a Member or Affiliate Store, request exclusive access to our online Directory platform for business mapping, advertising, and sales boosts at no extra cost. See our SEO-Ready Microblogging Platform.

5) When You Complete BLOCK 1

a. Request a free 3-7 night hotel stay for two adults at 125 global locations. Some hotels allow children. This offer isn’t a timeshare, and your certificate is valid for 18 months.

b. You will receive a $100 or $200 Restaurant Certificate incentive voucher of your choice. There is a $7.95 activation fee for every $100 in dining vouchers.

c. Receive a free complimentary hotel incentive savings card worth $500, which can be used at over 1 million hotels across the world.

6) Complete Block 3 (VIP) to qualify for a $1000 Cash Bonus. Complete it in 2024, and we’ll double your bonus to $2000.

7) Complete Block 4 (Master) to qualify for a $10,000 Cash Bonus. Complete it in 2024, and we’ll double your bonus to $20,000!


  • 10 Gek e-books every month. 
  • 10 Children e-books every month.
  • 10 Digital marketing e-books every month.
  • 1 Free utility software every month.
  • Free 3~7 night worldwide hotel stay, once a year.
  •  Up to 50% discounts at our affiliated shopping stores.
  • Exclusive access to our Microblogging & Online Directory.
  • Access to royalty-free ebooks bundle every month. 
Get an invitation link from a sponsor.
If you do not know a sponsor, no worries! We will assign one to you.
Fill out the form Become a Club Member Now and we’ll connect you with a dedicated sponsor to guide you on this rewarding journey, no doubt you will be more than happy to be a Member of our phenomenal Club.
“True freedom cannot be achieved until you have the ability to earn money without actively working”
Businesses and Club Members will receive exclusive access to our Online Listing Directory, a valuable Premium Marketing Microblogging Platform.
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Discover how unique our approach is compared to the traditional MLM programs. Our Members experience the benefits right after first month of joining our club. Go to SmartMarketPro.com to see our compensation plan. We offer a hassle-free no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.


Is the SmartMarketClub Membership Free?
No, the Smart Market Club membership cost is $32 monthly. Only active Members can withdraw the rewards.
Do I need to invest money in order to receive rewards?
Absolutely NO money investment scheme here! Becoming a Value Member of the SmartMarketClub is as easy as $32 per month, and there are no upfront or ongoing financial commitments required.
Do you offer money-back guarantee?
We're so confident that you'll find immense value in being a SmartMarketClub Member. However, if for any reason you're not satisfied within the next 30 days, our 30-day money-back guarantee ensures you a full refund, no questions asked. Your success is our priority and we're here to make your experience exceptional.
Will I be provided with a virtual office to oversee the individuals I refer?
Absolutely, experience the user-friendly and intuitive virtual office control panel. You will have full control. We'll equip you with a personal invitation link, access to statistics, a genealogy tree, and more.
Can I track commissions from members' purchases?
No. It is important to note that we cannot predict exact commission amounts or identify specific product purchases made by your referrals. This is because we receive bulk payments from the Affiliate businesses, making it impossible for us to discern the details of purchases or the commissions associated with merchants' products.
The compensation structure is fashioned after the most effective model of a direct sales compensation plan, and it pertains exclusively to one segment of the income opportunity. This description, however, does not encompass the entirety of the company and its overall business structure. It's important to note that our Club Members also receive rewards through payouts from two potential revenue streams.
In our Affiliate Collaborative Program, we use a 6x4 matrix structure. This means that each member has the opportunity to invite up to 6 direct Down Lines. Unlike many other MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) programs, participating in our program does not require members to make mandatory purchases of products or kits for buying and selling. You have the flexibility to buy what you want or need, making your participation in the program customizable to your preferences.
Is it possible to get in touch with you?
To begin, please reach out directly to your sponsor using your virtual office. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us by either completing the contact form or submitting a support ticket. We're readily available to offer the assistance you require. You may also reach us at our GV phones: Spanish: (786) 524-4171‬ English: (224) 357-6314
SmartMarketPro.com serves as the official website that explains all about our membership club model SmartMarketClub.com. It offers in-depth information about our Business Model, Terms and Conditions, and more. It provides a range of Learning Tutorials that are essentially taylored for your success in the Program as Member. It's crucial to remember that results may vary based on an individual's motivation, capacity to follow instructions, and proactive mindset. While we can't promise the exact same level of success as our most dedicated members, your experience with us will be defined by your personal dedication and efforts. Of Course, we are always here to help with your progress if you need us. Additionally, some club Members are doing superbly with the spillovers, however, you should not rely on that because the system does the spillovers randomly.
What about accounting and Tax Services?
It's crucial to emphasize that the responsibility for tax declarations lies entirely with you. Consulting a tax attorney for guidance is essential. According to the IRS, our Affiliated Members are usually classified as independent contractors. At the end of the tax year, we issue Form 1099-NEC to our US-based affiliates and Form 1042-S to our non-US affiliates.
Can a Club Member invest in the company?
Certainly! As a Club Member, you have the exclusive opportunity to invest privately in our company. Since we are not publicly traded, this investment option provides a unique chance to be part of our company's exciting growth. For in-depth information, please create a support ticket letting us know you are requesting comprehensive details.
Need personal or business loan?
Look no further. Our partnered institution specializes in securing low-interest rates for such loans. If you're in need of working capital for any purpose, we encourage you to explore their offerings and rates using our referral link to assess your eligibility. It's worth noting that if your loan application is approved, we may receive a commission.
Need Self help credit repair?
We found a skilled professional that offers the solution – Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair in just about 30 minutes. Experience the swiftness and efficacy of an affordable credit repair service. Please note that will receive a commission upon your purchase of this service tutorial.


At SmartMarketClub.com, we’re on a mission to transform the way people earn extra income. Unlike traditional network marketing that often leaves 98% without profits, we’re changing the game for good. Join us in reshaping the future of earning opportunities – where everyone has a fair shot at success!

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