Affiliate marketing is a performance-driven strategy where businesses compensate affiliates—individuals or companies—for driving traffic or sales. As a membership club, we connect members and businesses to maximize savings and generate passive cash rewards with every purchase through our shop portal, ensuring satisfaction and mutual success.


1) Join for just $32/month for exclusive benefits! Club members earn cash back rewards on purchases and easily claim commissions via Gift Cards, Zelle, PayPal, or bank transfer.

2) Maximize savings and earnings with up to 50% off purchases and ongoing cash back. Spend wisely—target $200+ monthly for financial success.

3) Access your Virtual Office for stats, program insights, affiliate links, marketing tools, and ebooks—all part of your membership.

4) Members and merchants get exclusive access to our Directory Listing Platform with microblog and a sales-boosting map—no extra fees.

5) Limited time offer! Personally enroll 2 invites to:

a. Qualify for a free 3-7 night hotel stay for two adults at 125 global destinations, with child-friendly options. No timeshare needed; certificate valid 18 months. Taxes apply.

b. Get a $100 or $200 restaurant voucher of your choice with a $7.95 activation fee per $100 in dining vouchers. Plus, receive a bonus $500 hotel savings card valid at over 1 million hotels worldwide.

6) Extended offer! Reach 216 active affiliates to win a $1000 cash bonus by September 7th, 2025—double it to $2000. Reach 1296 active affiliates to win $10,000—double it to $20,000 by the same date.


Your monthly membership includes:

  • 10 children’s e-books.
  • 10 digital marketing learning e-books.
  • 1 surprise digital product.
  • 1 cPanel Web Hosting & Website Builder

With two active invites, you qualify for a complimentary 3-7 night worldwide hotel stay certificate for two (taxes only) during our promotion. You can also choose a $100 or $200 restaurant voucher. Note, there’s an activation fee of $7.95 per $100 in vouchers. You can also gift an extra hotel stay certificate to a friend or family member.

Don’t have an invitation from a member? No problem! We’ll assign a sponsor to you. 
Fill out the form to become a member today. We’ll connect you with a dedicated sponsor to guide you through the process. You’ll soon be delighted to join our phenomenal club!
“True freedom cannot be achieved until you have the ability to earn money without actively working”
Merchants and club members enjoy exclusive, complimentary access to our premium Online Directory Listing—a powerful microblogging platform for enhanced marketing.
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Discover our innovative approach! Enjoy our straightforward compensation plan with 100% Cash Back Rewards and a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee—no questions asked.


Is the club Membership Free?
No, the Smart Market Club membership cost is $32 monthly. Only active Members can withdraw the Cash Rewards.
No, you don't need to invest any extra money. Simply become a valued member of SmartMarketClub for $32 per month with no hidden fees or additional financial commitments.
Do you offer money-back guarantee?
We're confident you'll love being a SmartMarketClub Member. If you're not satisfied within 30 days, our money-back guarantee ensures a full refund, no questions asked. Your success is our priority—we're here to make your experience exceptional.
Will I have a virtual office?
Experience our intuitive virtual office control panel. You'll have full control with a personal invitation link, access to statistics, marketing tools, and more.
Can I track commissions from referrals' purchases?
At this time, we cannot predict exact commission amounts or identify specific product purchases from your referrals due to our bulk payment system with Affiliate businesses. This collaborative system shares 100% commissions, making it impossible to discern purchase details or associated commissions with merchants' products.
Is SmartMarketClub an MLM?
No, SmartMarketClub.com is not an MLM; it is an affiliate marketing program. Our four-tier organization of affiliate members resembles a direct sales model but applies only to one aspect of our income opportunities. In addition to the affiliate marketing commissions, club members also benefit from various revenue streams and advertising options, enhancing their earning potential.
What sets us apart from MLMs?
Understand that we are not an MLM scheme. In our Affiliate Partnership Program, each member can invite only up to six members, unlike MLMs that often require recruiting hundreds, if not thousands, of people to start earning an income. Additionally, our program does not mandate the purchase of products or kits, removing all barriers to advancement. You have the freedom to purchase as you choose for commission cash-back compensation, ensuring a fully customizable experience tailored to your needs. This structure emphasizes earning potential without the typical constraints of MLMs.
Can I get in touch with you?
Absolutely! To get started contact your sponsor directly and read or listen to the provided tutorials through your virtual office. For additional assistance, feel free to reach out by completing a contact form or submitting a support ticket. We're here and ready to provide the help you need. You can also reach us at our GV phones: Spanish: (305) 501-0072‬ English: (224) 357-6314
What about Tax Services?
It's important to note that you are solely responsible for tax declarations. Consulting a tax attorney is recommended. Affiliated Members are typically classified as independent contractors by the IRS. At year-end, US affiliates may receive Form 1099-NEC, while non-US affiliates may receive Form 1042-S.
Need personal or business loan?
Your search ends here! Our partner institution specializes in securing low-interest rates for loans. Feel free to explore their offerings and rates through our referral link. By applying and getting approved, you support our club members to earn a small commission.
Need Self-help credit repair?
Discover a skilled professional offering a DIY Credit Repair solution in just 30 minutes. Experience the speed and effectiveness of affordable credit repair. Please note, we will receive a commission upon your purchase of this service tutorial.

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At SmartMarketClub.com, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing how people earn extra income and change the game of Affiliate Marketing, where businesses boost sales. Unlike traditional models that often leave 98% without profits, we’re here to make a lasting impact. Join us in shaping a future of earning opportunities where everyone has an equal chance at success!
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